June 7, 2009

Year In Review

Here is a list of things I learned this year and things I'd like to improve next year:

  • Inspect what you expect. It's OK to give students responsibilities, but don't give them more than they can handle, and hold them accountable.

  • Maintain high academic expectations. If students know that they can get away with substandard work, they will. Don't let them. They won't learn anything that way.

  • Maintain a proper work/life balance. My workout routine took a major hit this year. There were some reasons for that other than work, but physical fitness needs to be a very high priority.

  • Don't get too involved. This is only a job.

  • Establish routines and stick to them. Students need predictability and clarity of expectations. This includes everything from how to request hallway passes to when to sharpen a pencil to grading and attendance policies.

  • Unfortunately, I've learned that teenagers can't be trusted. They make promises they can't keep; they cheat, lie, and steal; they don’t follow through; they bicker and complain; and they generally act like immature teenagers. I thought that my job would be teaching. It's more like 10% teaching and 90% babysitting.

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