August 14, 2008

Teaching Technically

Two years ago, I made a career change and decided to become a high school business teacher. Since then, I've been keeping weekly journals on my experience, some of which I will share on this blog.

My motivation for publishing the journals is to help other beginning teachers and people thinking about becoming a teacher, especially those for whom teaching would be a major career change. Here, you'll find detailed accounts of what actually happens in a modern high school classroom. You'll learn about the students I've worked with and what it takes to motivate them. You'll read about the challenges, frustrations, rewards, and joy that go along with being a teacher. I'll include some thoughts on teaching as a career, as well as contemporary critical issues in education.

Of course, my motivation for writing isn't entirely altruistic. I write for selfish reasons too. I've found that keeping a weekly journal helps me improve my teaching skills, which ultimately helps student achievement. The act of writing about events forces you to think about them. Journaling lets you examine what you did well, what you did poorly, and how you can improve next time. Experience without reflection does not provide the same benefits. The best teachers are reflective teachers who are continually evaluating and improving their classes.

About the Blog
You'll mostly be reading articles that I wrote a couple of years ago. The time delay is primarily intended to protect the identities of the students. I write anonymously for the same reason. Additionally, all references to people and places have been either generalized or changed. Some of my thoughts about teaching have changed since I wrote the original journals. Articles will be posted at least one per week.


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